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Identifying Key Growth Opportunities to Have a Successful ENT Practice

Welcome to Audiology Management Group (amg™) medical member’s site. ENT practices face internal and external challenges that limit their ability to capture a greater share of the dispensing channel of hearing aids. There are opportunities, however, to improve performance and increase patient satisfaction and financial return. As an amg™ medical member, your ENT practice will receive expert services and support to accelerate your revenue growth, return on investment, and long-term business success.

The amg™ medical model is based upon an effective hearing aid dispensing strategy we developed within a premier ENT practice. Our unique approach employs primary constraints logic to identify, prioritize, and capitalize on key growth opportunities to help our members develop high-performance patient-centered practices. Becoming an amg™ medical member is the first step in an important journey for your practice. I invite you to contact us today to explore your practices potential as an amg™ medical member and uncover new opportunities for your business tomorrow.