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How We Help ENT Practices Improve Business

Welcome to Audiology Management Group (amg™) online. Does your ENT practice have a hearing aid clinic that is struggling to achieve the results that you want? Are you a hospital administrator required to generate revenue by selling hearing aids but you’re frustrated with the results you are achieving? Or, are you a private audiology practice struggling to capture market share? If so, amg™ can help.

amg™ has been improving revenue and patient satisfaction for businesses just like yours for the last six years. So what makes us unique? Our approach to creating high-performance clinics is what makes us unique. We use primary constraints logic in something we call the business triangle to create a foundation for accelerating revenue and profit growth in any hearing aid clinic. To learn more see our video entitled the Business Triangle. But that’s not all. amg™ can also save you money. We can improve your procurement costs, lower your credit card processing fees, and even lower your patient financing interest rates. Overall, amg™ offers 77 unique business support services designed to deliver higher revenue for you.

So do you want to improve your business? Contact amg™ either online or by phone and we will give you a free evaluation. At amg™, we like to say that our purpose is to make sure your business success is inevitable.