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How an Equity Partnership Can Help You Get the Most from Your ENT Practice

Welcome to Audiology Management Group (amg™) equity partnerships. Are you interested in expanding your hearing aid practice, but lack the resources to accomplish that task? Or are you interested in capitalizing now on the full value of your hearing aid practice? If so, consider forming an equity partnership with amg™.

An amg™ equity partnership enables hearing clinic owners to realize the full cash market value of their hearing clinics now while also providing a partnership that pays shared profits into the future. Consider, for example, that a hearing aid clinic is often the most valuable and liquid asset in an ENT practice. As a result, many of our equity partners consist of ENT practice owners who convert their hearing aid clinics into ready cash and then form a partnership with amg™ to manage their hearing aid clinic in the future.

The new partnership is its own entity, separate in part from the business interests in the ENT practice. Under this scenario, amg™ will handle the day-to-day administration of the hearing clinic and pay participants partnership profits for the duration of the venture. To explore an amg™ equity partnership, speak with us today. We look forward to the possibilities we can achieve together.