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Get to Know Susan Good, Our New Vice President of Network and Joint Ventures

Dr. Susan Good
Dr. Susan Good

Our amgTM Network Team Spotlight series is kicked off with a feature on Susan Good. Susan joined Audiology Management Group in January of 2016.  She works as an expert in business development for retail, audiology, and physician-based dispensing programs. She has extensive clinical, teaching, and practice management experience. Prior to her current position, she spent over 20 years working in the hearing aid manufacturing industry and in clinical practice. Good received her doctoral degree from the University of Florida and her Master of Business Administration from the Pennsylvania State University.

Background and Inspiration

Susan Good is the Vice President of the amgTM Network and Joint Ventures. She describes the amg™ team focus as the coordination, planning, and deployment of their Network’s resources to help Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and Audiology practices reach their goals. 

Susan became interested in the hearing industry at a young age. Her grandfather had a deaf friend when she was growing up, and she became fascinated with sign language. She had been signing for five years by the time she had to choose a major in college. She loved science, and audiology was a good fit. As she started her career, she found that she enjoyed the multispecialty aspect of audiology. She says she felt lucky to work in an audiology private practice that focused on vestibular, ENT diagnostic audiology, retail, medical-based dispensing, and teaching. Good learned a great deal in those eight years, and that helped her transition into the Industry side of the business. In her new role at amg™ she continues to rely on her clinical background and experience.

Experiences at Audiology Management Group

Dr. Good has only been at amg™ for five months and has already experienced many memorable moments. She says that her favorite experiences are always with their Members. She feels that it is the connection with the Network owners, managers, and practitioners that makes her work really matter. “Our ability to maximize their value streams and clear the way for them to focus on excellent patient care is very rewarding,” she says.

On a typical day, Susan mainly balances three primary focus areas: recruiting new Network members, supporting the Audiology Management Group Network team as they focus on medical and audiology practices, and developing new programs and service lines for the Network. She says that as a practice development company, each day can bring different action items to the forefront, which is one of the aspects she enjoys most about her role. She is glad that she still has the opportunity to be close with the Business Advisors and Network Members to understand their needs. This connection drives the creation of relevant programs and services for Network members. 

Susan says that the best part of her job is working beside the team at amg™. She loves that she is surrounded by people who are smart, hard working, self-motivated, and genuinely excited to get after it everyday. “Combine that with a Network of practices full of people that are focused on being the best they can be for each other and their patients—that is just fun,” she says. 

One of the biggest challenges Dr. Good faces in her job is prioritizing the needs of her members, the needs of her team, and the needs of amg™. She feels she has great direction in regards to mapping out development of the Network and its program resources. What makes the challenge easier, she says, is that amg™ puts the needs of their customers and their patients first, so it is very clear when it comes to organizing her day which tasks take priority.

The Future of the Industry

The most exciting trend Susan sees in the hearing industry is the way practitioners are addressing the rapid pace of change in the healthcare landscape. She feels that adjusting the clinical and operational approach to patient care, with the patient experience at the center of the equation, is a difficult task in medicine. However, she believes that the hearing healthcare industry is facing it head on, from technology companies driving more value into their products, to heightening efforts between physicians and audiologists to identify, treat, and rehabilitate hearing loss with a continuity of message and care, to practitioners redesigning their workflow around access and convenience for their patients. She realizes that none of these efforts is a small undertaking, and is interested in seeing how it develops. 

More About Susan

With her free time, Susan works on her first mate skills. She and her husband spend a lot of their down time at their marina and on the water. She says she is learning to do more than make sandwiches and read magazines on the boat; there is a lot of line handling, tide watching, and looking out for thunderstorms. “When it’s all said and done, our motto is, if you don’t know how to tie a knot…tie a lot!”

She also enjoys visiting with family and spending time with her thirteen nieces and nephews. That crew will keep anyone busy!