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3 Marvelous Things About Ken Marvel

With a last name like Marvel, it may be expected to be extra-ordinary or maybe even a bit of a superhero. While amg™'s VP of Sales and Member Development Ken Marvel can't fly, he does have many super talents as a professional and in his personal hobbies. Here are 3 interesting things that everyone should know about Mr. Marvel.

1. He juggles his professional passions and personal hobbies very well, quite literally.

As a former performing juggler, Ken has been able to carry that skill into his own many roles as an organizational leader with amg™, husband, father, boating captain and more. For those who don't know Ken yet, he has been a key leader with amg™ for the last 6 years. His passion for practice development is hard to match as he thrives on "Helping our members capitalize on the opportunity to treat more patients suffering from hearing loss, and doing so in a way that is patient-focused and profitable for the practice."

2. He steers amg™ member practices as fluidly as he does his 57' runabout boat. 

Ukele over his shoulder and smile on his face, Ken sets out for the beautiful gulf waters with confidence. He emphatically states that he  “always enjoys the journey as much as the destination…and this is a key component of my role with the network members I serve." Ken knows the journey isn't always free of constraints, but his experience allows him to adapt and react without losing speed. 

Additionally, the destination isn't just about increased profitability. Having his own daughter gain the benefits of better hearing at an early age, he takes great satisfaction in knowing more people in need will get the care they deserve as a result of members’ success.  This patient-focused development approach creates new opportunities with long-lasting patient satisfaction for on-going growth. 

3. He possesses the rare ability to blend art with strategy to help lead change in the industry.  

Who would have ever thought that the unique skills as a musician and artist would be so instrumental to his strategy development. In Ken's role he relies heavily upon his capabilities to help implement best practice strategies with network members. Yet, he knows that a copy-and-paste approach never works well. As a result Ken taps into his artistic side to derive unique models for strategy recommendations that are best suited to the distinct needs of each network member's practice and market dynamics.