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Coach's Corner: Earn Repeat Patient Visits

Welcome to the Coach's Corner!

Many of you have asked how to bring more hearing aid patients into your office. Here are some tips to consider to earn repeat patient visits:

Reach Out to Tested Not Sold Patients

  1. Call your TNS patients.
  2. Review some of the information regarding their hearing difficulties that they mentioned.
  3. Ask how they are doing with those.
  4. Tell them you have something to help them.
  5. Ask when they would like to come in.

Demo New Technology to Patients with 3+ Year Old Hearing Aids

  1. Your patients’ lives can change as quickly as yours.
  2. Call up your existing patients and bring them into the office.
  3. Simply ask them how they are doing with their current hearing aids.
  4. Listen to their frustrations and put their needs first.
  5. Discuss newer technology when appropriate and DEMO!