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Auditdata: A Prime Solution for Audiology Equipment

We are excited to let you know about our new partnership with Auditdata, an Audiology equipment company that specializes in PC based Audiometry and Real Ear/ Speech Mapping Solutions! This is yet another addition to our amg™ portfolio of solutions designed to help you with patient care and effective business practices. 

In addition to bringing you innovative diagnostic solutions, the Auditdata Primus product line has some unique benefits that will help you with your practice bottom line as well as to increase patient satisfaction. 

Key Benefits that are New & Unique to Primus:

  • No office calibration down time; calibration done via switching headsets: saves you time and money!
  • PC based audiometry- stores previous sessions; easy print access; reporting flexibility
  • Open Platform software upgrades (minimum of 2 times a year). Free to amg™ members
  • Business Analytics:
    • For offices with multiple locations you can track testing, fitting, and verification analytics
    • Keep track of KPI’s through your Audiometer and REM systems
    • Quality Control: confirm which testing is being utilized and  duration times for each test
  • Tele-Audiology option for offices that might not have an Audiologist on site. 
  • Easy view of past audiograms when testing speeds up testing time for the Audiologist
  • Sleek and innovative design  
  • Lightweight and portable if desired 
  • Integrated with Sycle

We are pleased to introduce the following new diagnostic products to you, and at a significant amg™ member discount: 

  • Primus Video Otoscope
  • Primus Ice Audiometer
  • Primus Pro REM/ Speech Mapping
  • Primus Pro Audiometer
  • Primus Pro Complete Diagnostic Audiometer + REM/ Speech Mapping

Please contact your amg™ Business Advisor to learn more about how these products can help you in your practice!