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Why should I become a member of an audiology cooperative?

After years of training and real-world experience, you set off to begin your own hearing healthcare practice. Whether you began your own ear, nose and throat practice or took over an existing one, you put in countless hours of effort, energy and love into your business of improving lives through healthier hearing.

Why Involve a Cooperative Now?

As any good business owner knows, there is a very narrow margin where your investments into your company—whether it is time, money, or a combination of the two—will equal a return on that investment. This margin will dictate everything about your business, including your scope and success.

For the passionate men and women in the hearing health field, this can be a devastating reality that often limits practice performance. In order to grow and improve your location, you need resources that would typically require high capital and manpower—unless you have a membership with Audiology Management Group.

Audiology Management Group (amg™) is free to join, and offers best practices and the resources required to reach their full potential. Many owners, initially concerned by involving others in their operations, are pleased to find that amg™ acts as a firm support system that helps member practices overcome obstacles while highlighting existing strengths. In other words, your practice remains your own and amg™ merely gives you the tools and support to streamline and succeed!

Thanks to our proven High Performance Clinic Model, your practice will address every step of your patient flow process, identify potential challenges, and apply the needed services that you receive as a member. These services have proven invaluable to practices of all sizes, offering business strategy, marketing, and human resources assistance to help keep your focus where it is needed most—your practice.

When you are ready to see your practice thrive under the benefit of having practically infinite resources, consider a membership with an industry-leading innovator in audiology cooperatives…and call Audiology Management Group today!