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What services can I receive as an amg™ member?

Audiology Management Group (amg™) members receive a number of valuable member services—most of which are free.

You see, membership with amg™ does not mean that you forfeit the management of your practice…in fact, it means quite the opposite. The team at amg™ allows you to focus on your patients and clients who are your most important resources in offering them industry-leading advice, planning and strategy.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level With Our Member Services!

Every practice has an overwhelming number of obligations that must be met in order to remain in business. From payroll and purchasing to marketing, there is much that must be done before you ever allow a patient through your door.

The time and money spent on these day-to-day operations often detract greatly from the time and money that a practice is able to spend on their core mission and improving lives through better hearing. With an amg™ membership, business advisors allow member practices to streamline and simplify these core processes, via:

  • Business development: Your amg™ business advisor will work closely with your team to develop a customized strategic business plan to help your practice reach performance goals.
  • Human resources support: Don’t get caught up in the legal complexities of human resources; amg™ can assist you with hiring, training, and clinical best practices.
  • Marketing and PR: Get polished marketing material, detailed market analyses, and powerful media relations assistance to get your practice name recognized across your market.
  • Purchasing perks: As an audiology clinic, your product is your lifeblood—and amg™ can help you streamline your purchasing, pricing and billing to get your products to you more simply and efficiently.
  • Administrative guidance: The details of running a business can be harrowing and our advisors can help you through every detail, from lease negotiations to sales analyses.

If these free services weren’t enough, amg™ can also provide further services at a low cost that can truly help your practice take off, including IT support and bookkeeping services.

Our services are designed to help you manage and master the intricacies of practice ownership, all while helping you build a solid foundation for long-term success. To learn more about services for our members, contact our team today!