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Looking to Bring Your Hearing Aid Clinic or Audiology Practice to the Next Level?

People of all ages are beginning to suffer from hearing loss in one or both ears, and your potential market is expanding greatly. The opportunity is there for your hearing health practice to grow, but the logistics of taking your business to the next level have prevented you from making the leap.

amgTM is an innovative audiology services company in Miami, Florida, and we have helped audiology and hearing health practices throughout the country thrive and grow in today’s market. If you are ready to take your business to new levels, your partnership with amgTM will ensure that you receive the support and services you need to achieve your goals.

What We Do

The amgTM High-Performance Clinic (HPC) model was developed after years of research in a premier ENT practice, and serves as the foundation of many successful hearing centers’ growth and success. amgTM provides the products, services and support you need to be successful. Members of Audiology Management Group enjoy these important services at absolutely no cost:

  • Business Development. amgTM can help your hearing health practice develop a business and marketing plan to support growth and expansion.
  • Human Resources. Human resource knowledge and experience are critical to sustainable growth, and amgTM offers members free legal advice, assistance with hiring and training, and advice on clinical best practices.
  • Marketing and Public Relations. The amgTM marketing team provides members with expert advice, planning support, and access to our expansive database of customizable marketing, advertising, and public relations materials.
  • Administration. Save valuable time, effort and resources—let  amgTM provide the administrative support you need to remain competitive in today’s market.
  • Purchasing. amgTM members receive pre-negotiated group pricing and just one account statement for all hearing aids, batteries, and innovative hearing healthcare products. 

Our High-Performance Clinic model helps your clinic address the key activities that make your business successful:

  • Market Development. Position your clinic, products, and services in a way that makes a meaningful impact on your local market.
  • Selling. From a referral or ad that brings you a potential lead to scheduling an exam, the transition from prospect to customer is a critical part of your business.
  • Delivering. Once customers engage with your clinic, what you offer them—from your reception area to the product or service they receive—is part of their experience with your clinic.
  • Support. Customers and leads may not directly engage with your supporting functions like human resources and finance, but the functionality and strength of your supporting activities are key to keeping your business efficient.

Every business requires all four activities to function, but most fall short in either developing, selling, or delivering. amgTM can help you identify and resolve weak points in order to promote business growth. For more information, please see our Primary Constraints video.

With membership in amgTM, you can focus on your passion for hearing health and let your amgTM business advisor guide you and your practice through our High Performing Clinic model. amgTM provides the products, services and support to help our members and partners succeed in their respective hearing health fields. Our mission is to build high performing hearing clinics for:

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amgTM is recognized industry-wide as a leader in audiology practice management. We offer our members unmatched products, services, and support to grow and thrive in a competitive market, giving them the edge they need to succeed.

If you are ready to bring your vision for your practice to reality, move forward with confidence with amgTM’s comprehensive member services. Discuss your goals with amgTM today to learn more about how we can help you realize your true business potential by calling us at 866-566-7705 or by filling out our short online contact form today.